Frequently Asked Questions


  • How long do the Accounts Last?

Our Accounts will have a longer life span than most other shops. We get our accounts through private techniques. We have tons of non-public databases to be able to use. We try to stay away from public lists as those tend to go bad quick.


  • Do you take Custom Orders?

We offer wholesale prices, the more you buy the cheaper they will be. Contact us for bulk buys.


  • Do you offer Warranty with the Accounts?

Yes we do, each warranty is explained when buying the account.


  • Which payment methods do you accept?

BTC will be automated. Also accepting Monero, ETH, PayPal, and a few others through our support portal. Open a ticket here if not listed. More options coming soon!

  • Why doesn’t paypal show up in checkout?

We only accept paypal as FRIEND and FAMILY. If you accept that, please open a support ticket and a Staff member will message you an email to send to. This reduces chargebacks for us. Sorry for the inconvenience. Open a support ticket here. Label it’s Subject “PAYPAL PAYMENT”

  • Do you offer trades?

Contact Us here and tell us what you are trying to get and what you have to offer.


  • Are all the Accounts Premium?

Yes they are, we have many accounts from many different websites. You will ONLY be purchasing PREMIUM accounts.


  • Do you sell single accounts to multiple people?

No, you are the only owner of that account upon buying. It is then deleted from our databases.


  • Your shop doesn’t have “somesite.com”, can you get it?

If we don’t have the account you are looking for on the site, we may have either; not added it yet, or haven’t started cracking it yet. Contact support HERE if interested in anything that is not listed.


  • Do you sell Sentry MBA configs?

Yes, we custom make all of our configs. We are not only limited to Sentry MBA.


  • Can you make a custom config / cracker / brute force program for “this site”?

Most of the time, yes we can make some kind of cracker or brute forcing program for any site, application, program, and log in system.


  • Can you crack a private site for me?

We can definitely give it a try. Most times, it IS possible. Contact Us today and see if we can’t get you accounts for it!


  • Can you teach me how to crack?

Sure, we can offer you a full-setup to get you started cracking including tutorials and tips!


  • Can you teach me how to make configs?

Yes. Each site is generally unique in this. Some have to be done this way, others have to be done that way. If you want to pay for a walk-through to a certain site, I’m sure 1 of our Staff members would be happy to walk you through it. Contact a staff member here!


  • I just placed an order for Giftcard / Account / License / Key / Code, where do I find it?

Go to “My Account” tab on menu bar >> Then Proceed to License Keys. There you will find your accounts, giftcards, codes, keys, etc. If not there, please open a support ticket!

Or Here http://sickaccountshop.com/home/my-account/license-keys/


  • How do I see my account balance?

Go to My Account from Home Page.

and click MY WALLET.

or follow the following link:



  • How do I ADD / CREDIT to my Account balance?

Please go to My Account from Home page. or link:

My account

Click My Wallet:


Or direct link: http://sickaccountshop.com/home/my-account/woo-wallet/


Add the amount, and it will credit it to your account. This is only currently working with BTC. Paypal will be added through Support.

If this didn’t answer all your questions, just Contact Us. We will reply with 6 hours.

Quickest within 8 AM – 11 PM EST.