About Us

Welcome to Sick Account Shop! (SAS)


A Little About Us:

We are team of programmers, hackers, and crackers. We develop new methods all the time for getting accounts. Being the leading edge in our industry, it gives us a more advantage. Providing High Quality accounts, we don’t have to spend time on replacements or non working accounts. We try to have the best. This site was started in 2014. We have being practicing since late 2008. With our many connections across the Net, we can just about get anything for you. Contact Us now to see how we can help you!



We have a vast variety of premium accounts available. We have private ways of getting each of them. If we don’t have it, contact us and I’m sure we can find you a Premium for it somewhere. We are actively getting new accounts everyday. We dedicate time and money to keep the Premium Accounts coming. If there are any problems with your account, just shoot us a message, it won’t be any problem’s for us to get you another. Although each account is given individually, meaning no duplicate selling on our end. So each account should work for it’s full time. We recommend not changing the passwords to keep the account for it’s full time. Although for some accounts you may have to to keep it yours. If there are any questions, click here to Contact Us now!



Team Notorious will be releasing programs here with us. Our programs are coded in Python, C#, and C++. Between our team, we have about 10 years experience in each language. We are not limited to what we can create and are open to all ideas. We are familiar with both Linux and Windows operating systems. We are capable of combining programs with websites. A server may be needed for some more advanced software. We are not limited to only these languages. Our team has experience in HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, VB.net, and quite a few others. If there is a program or application you would like to see made, Contact Us now! If we think it’s profitable enough, will give it to you for free!


Combo Lists:

We are now offering combination lists in this format Email:Pass, User:Pass, Card#:Pass, and so on. We will now be offering raw databases, filtered databases, and custom cracked databases cracked or found by our team here. SAS has accumulated quite list of databases over our years of being up. If there is a new breach you have seen discovered, Contact Us and see if we haven’t already got it! Our Leads Email List our manually pulled from websites by our Team here. We have millions upon millions of combo lists. If you are looking for something not listed. just Contact Us and a member of our Team will see about it for you.


Future Development:

Currently, we are developing a fully HTML/PHP account checker. So from this website, we will be able to crack new accounts straight into our databases where we will then be able to sell to you. These accounts will be checked right before they are automatically sent to you. If the account is bad, we will have a checker straight from the “My Account” menu. If it see’s it is a bad account and still under warranty, you will automatically be provided a new account.



We usually reply within 6 hours of receiving the message. Usually a lot shorter from 8 AM – 11 PM CST when we are most active.


Thanks For reading!

Sick Account Shop Staff